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Covid-19 faq

Is it safe to receive an order online with Covid-19?


It is absolutely safe to receive a VenicEmotion online order because it is known that the virus, even if present, cannot survive beyond 6 hours outside an organism so the danger does not exist considering a minimum time of 12 hours for shipping, the transit and delivery of the order.

How will Covid-19 affect my order?

The health and well-being of its customers and collaborators is absolutely a priority for VenicEmotion. all the procedures for the prevention, sanitation and management of the critical issues inherent in the fight against Covid-9 are carried out scrupulously.

We guarantee the normal processing, packaging and shipping flows of our jewels.

How will Covid-19 affect my return?

We guarantee a careful and scrupulous process in case of return requests for our products.

It will be necessary for our customers who have been given the right to return to adopt specific protection and defense measures against Covid-19 in order to guarantee active sanctification in the manner described on the return document sent by email.

The return procedures are regularly active without disruptions.

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