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VenicEmotion Jewels, Italian Artistic Jewels in Gold and Silver, contain the experience, research, charm and great quality of the best Handmade Italian Jewels.
We know how to turn emotions into jewels...
Discover them!

Venetian Flowered Gothic.

A trip to the Immortal City, imbued with symbolism, Gothic architecture, emotions and unique lights! Rediscover these emotions by wearing a VenicEmotion jewel ..

Orecchini gotici pendenti con zirconi brillanti
Orecchino rosone piccolo con ametista a goccia
Orecchini Ca d'Oro con ametiste a goccia
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 Venetian Blackmoor: the finest jewelry.
The "Moretti Veneziani" Artigianali VenicEmotion are precious, unique and unmistakable jewels  
they are born from ancient traditions and stories that are now thousands of years old.
Discover the charm of this timeless Venetian Jewel.