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ARTE IN PIAZZA Evento arte e gioielleria 18-19 settembre 21 Piazza San Marco

ART IN THE SQUARE, 18-19 September 2021, Piazza San Marco Venice.

From the brilliant idea of Serendipity Shop in Piazza San Marco , the event was born in collaboration with VenicEmotion and the Art of Fabrizio Spadini . In the marvelous setting of the most elegant square in the world inside the shop, some works by the recognized Perugian artist dedicated to Venice will be exhibited and at the same time the line of Venetian Gotico Floriti Jewels by VenicEmotion will be presented.

Anello "Eterno" in stile gotico fiorito veneziano
4 (6).JPG
Anello Chevalier in stile gotico fiorito veneziano

Venetian floral gothic bracelet

Collana lunga "Desideria" in stile gotico fiorito veneziano

"Desideria" necklace in Venetian floral gothic style

Orecchini Ca d'Oro e Ametiste

Ca d'Oro and Amethyst earrings

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