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I Moretti Veneziani: history and curiosities.

L unghissima is the story of the now famous VENETIAN MORETTI, characteristic and precious jewels of Venetian manufacture known and appreciated all over the world for their elegance, their symbolism and their extravagance in shapes.

It is said that this jewel is really very ancient, and to date it with precision is still very difficult today.  

In the fourteenth century the republic of the Serenissima had already colonized a large part of the Adriatic Sea and a good portion of the Dalmatian coast, managing to colonize important cities such as Zadar and start important trade routes between East and West.

The neighboring Saracens,  bloodthirsty pirates also nicknamed "Mori", were accustomed to raiding and plundering the nearby rich lands,  thanks to trade and Venetian rule.

The Serenissima annoyed and worried about these continuous looting put an end to the raids of the barbarians with repeated battles both at sea and on land and the inhabitants of the Dalmatian coasts to exorcise the terrible Saracens built small ebony and ivory jewels to wear or to keep as lucky amulets .


Over the years some of these strange accessories arrived in Venice and were probably noticed in some important aristocratic "salon" mistaking them for primitive jewels.

We want to imagine that an aristocratic noblewoman, fascinated by the extravagance of the artifact, asked her Jeweler to create a reproduction in gold and precious stones that could be worn as a brooch and subsequently in all the other conjugations of jewels that we know today and that the whole world there envy. 

There are many personalities and celebrities who wear the Venetian Moretti in ceremonies or in the most glamorous events and there are many private collections that keep precious Moretti, unique pieces created by the best Venetian master jewelers.

Very famous and much appreciated are the MORETTI ISTRIANI, a simpler and more portable version on a daily basis. They come from the city of Rijeka in Croatia.

They are mainly earrings or pendants in precious metal such as gold or silver, with decorative enamels and have relatively small dimensions.

Ancient depiction of the battle of Lepanto.

Turkish-Saracen Warrior

Or bring Istrian Moretto 


Venetian Moretto

Orecchino moretto istriano grande, argento 925
Ciondolo moretto "Elite" in argento 925 e zirconi brillanti
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