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Product Information

Where do VenicEmotion Jewels come from?

All our Giuoiellis that you see on this site have been conceived, designed and made in our artisan laboratory with the aid of innovative technologies and very ancient techniques wisely dosed by expert hands. We only use noble materials such as gold and silver.

Do VenicEmotion Jewels contain allergens that are harmful to health?

All our jewels are produced in strict compliance with the production regulations which exclude any allergenic substance such as cadmium or nickel. Even our galvanic processes are safe for us who work and for you who wear our jewels, in fact they are free of toxic or harmful substances.


Do VenicEmotion Jewels have a guarantee of uniqueness?

We design and manufacture our Jewelery and make sure to protect our creations and collections from commercial fraud by implementing strict protection policies and  copyright on all our models.

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