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COVID-19 policy and S anifications protocol


To protect our customer to the maximum, even in the online experience, which would seem risk-free, VenicEmotion puts in place self-control and prevention mechanisms to avoid the proliferation and contagion of COVID-19 as much as possible, giving further guarantee and protection to our public, including through the safe ways of producing, storing, packing and shipping our product.


Checks at the entrance.

Our personnel involved in production, accounting, various tasks, before entering the workplace, are required to check their body temperature and declare any suspected symptoms of the COVID-19 pathology.


We limit contacts with external suppliers.

For the access of external suppliers, we have identified entry, transit and exit procedures, using predefined methods, routes and times, in order to reduce the opportunities for contact with internal and already controlled personnel.


Cleaning and sanitizing.

The company ensures the daily cleaning and sanitization of secretarial, production, storage, packaging and shipping rooms, environments, workstations (including keyboards, touch screens, mice), common areas.


The hands.

It is mandatory that the people present in the company take all hygienic precautions, especially for the hands. The company provides suitable alcohol-based detergents.


Masks and gloves

All our staff, including external support workers, work with the personal protective mask that must be removed only during the lunch break or at the entrance to the toilets, in the absence of other users.

Access to the common areas is limited, with the continuous forced ventilation of the rooms, a reduced parking time and with the maintenance of a safety distance of one meter between people, wearing a mask.


Storage of sales items and packaging and shipping materials.

The material intended for sale is kept in a protected, sanitized, ventilated and daily sanitized environment.

The packaging material is kept in a sanitized and sanitized department, sealed in its own cases and boxes that are opened when the order is packaged, ready to be shipped.


Personnel assigned to shipments .

VenicEmotion shipping personnel are checked every morning upon entry to measure body temperature and disinfect hands. Strictly wear shoe covers throughout the job.

For each new shipment order processed and packaged, the operator is scrupulously attentive to the disinfection of hands, the use of the mask and the ventilation of the operating rooms. In the presence of more people in the same room it is mandatory to stay more than one meter away.


From the moment the package is collected by the courier in charge, VenicEmotion assumes no responsibility for the subsequent health regulations of third parties.

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