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  • Halberd, origins and history of the symbol of Trieste.

    The city of Trieste has always fascinated us for many characteristics such as a border city, a combination of sea and mountains, a fusion of multiple languages ​​and dialects and cultures mixed with each other that are still alive today in the cuisine, customs and society itself. Our Trieste experience has its origins in the first post-war period. He took the progenitor of our family to seek his fortune and discovered a world! Trieste has always been identified with the famous Halberd, used as a symbol on banners, representations and coins since 1236 under the bishopric of Volrico de Portis. In the church of San Giusto, today the patron saint of Trieste, the primordial "spear" symbol of the city is preserved, which is presumed to belong to the Roman tribune Sergio of the 13th Apollinaris legion, a devout Christian who, on the verge of death, as a sign of devotion, precipitated on the city center a sharpened halberd with folded barbels. An in-depth study with modern computerized analysis techniques suggests that the find is even older. The metal that makes up the halberd would have been produced at least a thousand years earlier, more or less around the period in which the tribune Sergio lived, martyred in 313 AD. " Other peculiar characteristics were discovered after the in-depth study, such as for example single-piece forging without the aid of welding for the creation and the rustproofing of the surface, synonymous with oriental manufacturing due to the advanced techniques used. We tried to gild the find over the years but it was not possible thanks to the peculiarities of the metal used and the intrinsic absolutely antioxidant power.

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  • Venetian Blackmoor: history and curiosit | VenicEmotion

    I Moretti Veneziani: history and curiosities. L unghissima is the story of the now famous VENETIAN MORETTI, characteristic and precious jewels of Venetian manufacture known and appreciated all over the world for their elegance, their symbolism and their extravagance in shapes. It is said that this jewel is really very ancient, and to date it with precision is still very difficult today. In the fourteenth century the republic of the Serenissima had already colonized a large part of the Adriatic Sea and a good portion of the Dalmatian coast, managing to colonize important cities such as Zadar and start important trade routes between East and West. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ The neighboring Saracens, bloodthirsty pirates also nicknamed "Mori", were accustomed to raiding and plundering the nearby rich lands, thanks to trade and Venetian rule. The Serenissima annoyed and worried about these continuous looting put an end to the raids of the barbarians with repeated battles both at sea and on land and the inhabitants of the Dalmatian coasts to exorcise the terrible Saracens built small ebony and ivory jewels to wear or to keep as lucky amulets . ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Over the years some of these strange accessories arrived in Venice and were probably noticed in some important aristocratic "salon" mistaking them for primitive jewels. We want to imagine that an aristocratic noblewoman, fascinated by the extravagance of the artifact, asked her Jeweler to create a reproduction in gold and precious stones that could be worn as a brooch and subsequently in all the other conjugations of jewels that we know today and that the whole world there envy. There are many personalities and celebrities who wear the Venetian Moretti in ceremonies or in the most glamorous events and there are many private collections that keep precious Moretti, unique pieces created by the best Venetian master jewelers. Very famous and much appreciated are the MORETTI ISTRIANI, a simpler and more portable version on a daily basis. They come from the city of Rijeka in Croatia. They are mainly earrings or pendants in precious metal such as gold or silver, with decorative enamels and have relatively small dimensions. Ancient depiction of the battle of Lepanto. Turkish-Saracen Warrior Or bring Istrian Moretto Pendant Venetian Moretto

  • Osella Veneziana: storia e curiosità. | VenicEmotion

    Osella Veneziana; storia e curiosità. In questo approfondimento parliamo di MONETE e in particolare di monete veneziane, con un significato tanto nobile quanto profondo e ben radicato nella memoria storica che ancor oggi fanno parelare di sé. Venezia già nel IX secolo era una repubblica solida e ampiamente strutturata, tanto da voler imporre la propria supremazia e identità "battendo moneta propria" simbolo di autorità e dominio. Nell' ottocentocinquanta alcune cronache narrano di un edificio ai piedi del ponte di Rialto dedicato alla stampa delle prime monete ufficiali della repubblica veneta in argento e la famosa moneta Redonda d'oro. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Nel 1200 documenti ufficiali riportano il migrare della zecca da Rialto a San Marco in un palazzo costruito appositamente tutto in pietra d'Istria con ampio chiostro interno per facilitare la produzione in larga scala di monete in oro e argento. La direzione della zecca veneziana, ritenuta impoirtantissima e strategica era affidata al consiglio dei dieci e supervisionata dal Doge in persona. Agli inizi del millequattrocento la moneta veneziana circolava ampiamente in tutta Europa e addirittura il famoso Zecchino veneziano veniva scambiato in estremo oriente. Venezia si adornò dei più bravi orefici, coniatori e stampatori per produrre la propria moneta che era motivo di vanto e prestigio in tutti i territori conquistati ed anche oltre. Il fiore all'occhiello della produzione numismatica era lo ZECCHINO d'oro che vantava disegni molto particolari ad ogni edizione ed oro purissimo per la fusione di ogni singolo pezzo. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Un altra moneta molto particolare e ricca di storia è l'OSELLA veneziana: si narra che il Doge ogni anno omaggiasse 5 anatre selvatiche a ciascun fidato consigliere e membro del Maggior Consiglio appunto per premiarlo simbolicamente per i servigi e la lealtà rivoltagli. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Purtroppo a causa della guerra e della carestia del 1500 la selvaggina scarseggiava a tal punto da costringere il Doge a sostituire i volatili con una moneta d'oro, chiamata per l'occorrenza Osella, dal dialetto veneto osello, uccello, volatile appunto. Oggi con questa particolare moneta produciamo dei gioielli artigianali molto originali e simbolici, ricchi di storia e fascino. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Osella in Argento; Doge Manin Venezia 1868 Zecchino o Ducato in oro puro: Doge Dandolo, Venezia 1285 Bagatino in rame: Doge Mocenigo, 874 Venezia

  • VenicEmotion Gioielli fatti a mano Made in Italy | VenicEmotion

    ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING IN ITALY - FREE RETURNS - ARTISAN JEWELS MADE IN ITALY. DIRECT CONTACT Italy - Abroad and WHATSAPP +39 347 9588347 about us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Instead of living the story of others, we decided to write our own. VenicEmotion Jewels , Italian Artistic Jewels in Gold and Silver , contain the experience, research, charm and great quality of the best Handmade Italian Jewels. We know how to turn emotions into jewels... Discover them! Venetian Gothic Flowery style earrings in 18 Kt. Gold ​ ​ Venetian Flowered Gothic. A trip to the Immortal City, imbued with symbolism, Gothic architecture, emotions and unique lights! Rediscover these emotions by wearing a VenicEmotion jewel .. Ca D'Oro collection Known and appreciated for its Venetian Flowery Gothic architecture , the Ca D'Oro residence, built in 1442 by the prosecutor of the Serenissima Marino Contarini, is the current seat of the Franchetti museum. The three Gothic-Renaissance windows overlooking the Grand Canal are light and elegant. The P alazzo Museo Ca D 'Oro takes its name from its now disappeared external cladding in pure gold leaf. "Ca D'Oro" pendant earrings in Flowery Gothic style Venetian with amethyst drops ​ ​ ​ "Ca D'Oro" pendant earrings in Flowery Gothic style Venetian with citrine quartz drops ​ ​ ​ Venetian Gothic Flowery style pendant earrings in 18 Kt. Gold Venetian Gothic ring . in 18 Kt.Gold ​ Venetian " eternal " Gothic ring . in white 18 Kt.Gold ​ Venetian Gothic ring . Golden 925 silver. ​ "DESIDERIA" long necklace Find out more Collection Venetian Colombina Mask Colors, imagination, goliardia are the ingredients of the most famous Carnival in the world, the Venetian one! This VenicEmotion, Venice to Wear collection is inspired by the traditional Venetian festival, full of charm, charm and carefree! Discover the Italian Jewels in Gold and Silver VenicEmotion, Emotions in Jewelry.. Venetian Colombina earrings in 925 silver with tricolor zircons. Venetian Colombina earrings in 925 silver with white zircons. Venetian Colombina earrings in 925 silver gold plated with black zircons. Venetian Colombina earrings in 18 karat gold with white zircons. Venetian Colombina ring in 18 Kt. Gold and zircons. ​ Venetian Colombina Charm in 925 Silver and Cubic Zirconia. "Pandora"compatible ​ Venetian Colombina Charm in 925 Silver and Cubic Zirconia. ​ Venetian Colombina ring in 925 silver and zircons. ​ Find out more collection Venetian Blackmoor: the finest jewelry. ​ The "Moretti Veneziani" Artigianali VenicEmotion are precious, unique and unmistakable jewels they are born from ancient traditions and stories that are now thousands of years old. Discover the charm of this timeless Venetian Jewel. ​ ​ Venetian Blackmoor "Prince" in 925 silver and set brilliant zircons. Venetian Blackmoor in gilded 925 silver with brilliant zircons on the bodice and ruby stone on the headdress . Venetian Blackmoor "Elite" in 925 silver with enamel decorations and set brilliant zircons. "Istrian" Blackmoor in 925 silver gilded with indelible enamels Istrian" Blackmoor in 925 silver with indelible enamels Ring with Venetian Blackmoor in gold and brilliant zircons set Find out more Collection Venetian Blackmoor: the finest jewelry. ​ The "Moretti Veneziani" Artigianali VenicEmotion are precious, unique and unmistakable jewels they are born from ancient traditions and stories that are now thousands of years old. Discover the charm of this timeless Venetian Jewel. ​ ​ Anello in filigrana d'argento con moneta Osella veneziana brunita con movimento basculante. Anello Chevalier in argento 925 con moneta Osella veneziana brunita Scopri di piu Scopri di piu Ring with Venetian Blackmoor in gold and brilliant zircons set Orecchini pendenti in argento 925 con moneta Osella veneziana Collezione Venetian Art Jewelery . Gold, silver, amber, corals and cameos, in the Venice of the Serenissima the goldsmith arts became very famous; known and recognized all over the world thanks to the flourishing trade throughout the Mediterranean. The tradition continues with VenicEmotion which knows how to combine tradition and modernity in its jewels. Discover them all! Pendant Winged Lion of Saint Mark in 18 karat Gold. ​ ​ ​ Pendant Winged Lion of San Marco in 18 KT. Gold White 18 Gondola iron charms with zircons set. 925 silver customizable bracelet with zircons 925 silver earrings, bridge of sighs with natural pearls ​ ​ ​ ​ Find out more collection

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  • Benvenuti nella nostra Maison!

    Accomodatevi e godetevi Il meraviglioso viaggio alla scoperta dei nostri Gioielli Artigianali, realizzati secondo precisi criteri per garantirvi la massima qualità, l’unicità dei nostri prodotti e un design unico che ci contraddistingue dal 1949!

  • Comincia il tuo Forum

    Benvenuto in Wix Forum. Di seguito alcuni consigli su come iniziare. Scrivi un post di benvenuto Dai il benvenuto ai visitatori del tuo forum con un messaggio. Fai sapere alle persone di cosa tratta il tuo forum. Puoi anche condividere questo post sui social media e attirare così i tuoi primi membri. Aggiungi categorie Le categorie fanno sì che i tuoi utenti navighino facilmente e trovino i loro argomenti d'interesse. Aggiungi le categorie più adatte per il tuo business. Unisciti alla community di Wix Forum Questa è la tua community. I fans di Wix Forum. Ricevi gli ultimi aggiornamenti, fai domande e condividi quali funzionalità vorresti fossero implementate. Dai un occhiata. Personalizza qualsiasi cosa Rendi l'aspetto del tuo forum unico. Vai alle impostazioni del tuo forum e scegli tra i diversi layouts, modifica i contenuti e molto altro ancora.

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